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Our Science - Inspired Innovation For Patients

Every transformational medicine we develop starts with a spark of inspiration; an idea that captures our collective imagination and pushes us to think beyond the boundaries of what is possible today. Fueled by our inherent curiosity, we translate science into highly innovative, life-changing medicines.

We have created a Research engine where we invest in diverse, next-generation technologies. We match the right target with the right modality and execute experiments with rigor to accelerate a steady stream of therapies with transformative or curative potential. From initial discovery through clinical development, we confirm the underlying causes of disease, embrace innovative platforms, pursue modalities based on validated targets, evaluate real-world impact and generate data that may enable accelerated development and regulatory pathways.

With data sciences and digital technology hard-wired into everything we do, we are accelerating the pace and quality of innovation so we can help more patients, faster.


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