Transparency Disclosures | Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Transparency Disclosures

We are committed to leading the way in adopting and applying the highest standards of good governance, ethics and transparency in our industry.

EFPIA Disclosure Code Reports

Collaborative work between health care professionals and commercial life sciences organizations has long been a positive driver for advancements in patient care and progression of innovative medicine. Takeda’s goal is to reinforce the authentic relationship between pharmaceutical companies and health care professionals, by supporting the principles of transparency and disclosing our annual payments as directed by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) and local disclosure codes.

Patient Group Disclosures

Patient Groups – or patient advocacy groups and patient organizations – are important partners for Takeda. Our aim is to forge trusting, mutually-beneficial relationships with patient groups. To build and maintain this trust, we are committed to understanding and addressing unmet needs in the patient community. We support patient organizations in our therapeutic areas through sponsorships, grants and donations.