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Access to Medicines

More than two billion people around the world still do not have access to medicines, with low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) often facing the highest burden of disease. We’re committed to broadening sustainable access to our innovative medicines in LMICs and in countries with evolving health care systems. We do this by working collaboratively to strengthen local health care systems and by addressing barriers to access at each stage of the patient journey.

Our Approach

We have created a practical framework to increase sustainable access of our innovative medicines for complex and rare diseases in LMICs and delivered through targeted partnerships across the whole patient journey. It is focused on three main approaches.

• Building sustainable capacity at every stage from diagnosis to ongoing patient support • Innovative affordability programs to increase patient access to our highly innovative medicines • Collaborating with policy makers and experts from NGOs, patient organizations, and governments

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Challenges across the whole patient journey

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Our Access to Medicines approach is centered on patients’ needs. Our programs are focused on strengthening countries’ health care systems at every stage of the patient journey.

Our flagship Access to Medicines initiative is the Blueprint for Innovative Health care Access. It is an implementation model that is locally integrated to improve the lives of patients by strengthening the entire health care system for non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

We aim for earlier diagnosis and local access to consistent high-quality innovative medicines, while enhancing local standards of care.

It is designed to be sustainable by building a local consortium of expert partners, including governments, who drive implementation. It addresses health care access barriers through sharing resources, expertise and responsibilities, with strong governance, leadership and coordination.

It starts by fully understanding the local health care environment and identifying the health care gaps, and it is then applied in a tailored and targeted way with independent measurement across the whole patient journey - from awareness, diagnosis to treatment. We’ve also implemented wide-ranging programs across every stage of the patient journey to improve patient lives. We have taken the lessons learned and built on successes to inform our Blueprint approach.

“We’re committed to discovering and delivering life-transforming medicines and vaccines to patients regardless of where they live or what they can afford to pay.”

Christophe WeberPresident & CEO
Accelerating sustainable, equitable access

Progress Highlights 2023

Our 2023 Access to Medicines Update highlights ongoing programs aimed at unlocking barriers to access in low-and middle-income countries and countries with evolving healthcare systems.
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Broadening access, creating impact. Report 2022

Access to Medicines Progress Report 2022

Our 2022 Progress Report articulates our approach to access to medicines and highlights key initiatives aimed at broadening access in LMICs by building sustainable capacity, creating innovative affordability programs and collaborating with policymakers to drive meaningful change.