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Global ethics & compliance

We believe our obligation to meet ethical standards goes beyond compliance with laws and regulations. Our values of Takeda-ism, brought to life through actions based on Patient-Trust-Reputation-Business, represent who we are and how we act. They help us make ethical decisions today, and in the future. To promote ethical behavior and provide guidance to our employees, our Global Code of Conduct is available in multiple languages and lays out a core set of principles for how we conduct business.

Catalyzing a companywide culture in line with our values is the responsibility of the Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer and the Risk, Ethics and Compliance Committee. They help ensure a coordinated, companywide approach on ethics and compliance matters. We execute and reinforce our ethics and compliance programs in line with our Global Code of Conduct and applicable global policies. These policies are approved by the Business Sustainability Committee (BSC).

We aim to maintain the highest level of corporate ethics by creating a safe place for employees, and third parties, to ask question and raise concerns about potential misconduct (including human rights violations). Our employees and third parties have access to several channels to do this, including The Takeda Ethics Line, which is available online and by phone 24 hours a day. We have a policy of non-retaliation for any employee who raises a concern in good faith.

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We are committed to operating with integrity. Our Global Anti-Corruption Policy prohibits us from, using third-party intermediaries to conduct activities that we are prohibited from conducting ourselves. We must assess every third-party intermediary to identify and address issues that pose any potential risks for our company. We conduct regular audits to assess instances of bribery and corruption and have implemented an ongoing monitoring program that samples and evaluates high-risk transactions against governing policy and procedure control documents. We execute root cause analysis against monitoring nonadherence and develops remediation plans to drive continuous improvement.

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Ethics across our business

As the frontiers of research extend into new areas, such as research on the human genome, gene analysis and stem cell research, additional ethical concerns may arise. We continually review our ethical guidelines to keep pace. We work to stay ahead of emerging trends related to ethics and compliance in by actively participating in pharmaceutical industry associations such as PhRMA and the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) programs.

Additionally, recognizing the fast pace of innovation in science and medicine and emerging ethical challenges, we have established the Takeda Ethics Advisory Council (TEAC). The TEAC is comprised of a diverse group of professionals that include prominent external ethics experts and selected Takeda leaders. The primary responsibility of the TEAC is to analyze and provide advice on emerging ethics topics so we can develop robust and principled positions on these issues into the future.

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