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Governance Strategy

Basic Policy for Corporate Governance

We have a management framework appropriate for a values-based, R&D-driven, digital biopharmaceutical company that operates on a global scale. We have strong internal controls, thorough compliance and risk management procedures and a structure that allows agile decision-making while also remaining sound and transparent. We believe that strong corporate governance maximizes corporate value.

Strength of Takeda’s Corporate Governance

  1. Takeda is a ‘Company with Audit and Supervisory Committee’ as required by the Japanese Companies Act. Under this institutional design, we have enhanced the transparency and independency of the Board of Directors (BOD). And we have strengthened our corporate governance by establishing a framework of audit and supervision conducted by the Audit and Supervisory Committee, and by increasing the proportion of Independent External Directors as well as improving the diversity of the BOD. We have established an agile decision-making structure by delegating a certain degree of decision-making authorities to Internal Directors. This agility in business operations helps the BOD to focus more on business strategies and important business matters. Furthermore, Takeda voluntarily establishes Nomination and Compensation Committees as advisory committees of the BOD. Each committee is solely made up of Independent External Directors.

  2. Takeda has internal management committees comprised of Internal Directors delegated by the BOD, and the Takeda Executive Team (TET), which consists of the function heads of the Takeda Group. Matters determined by such committees are then reported to the BOD and the BOD supervises them in an appropriate manner.

  3. Takeda proactively discloses important documents, such as Articles of Incorporation, Board of Directors Charter, BOD Skills Matrix, Executive Compensation Overview, to ensure the transparency of our corporate governance. Find these documents in the Charters and Reports page.

Corporate Governance Structure

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History of Corporate Governance

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