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Offering IBD patients special recipes from Hyatt chefs

December 19, 2023

Think back to the last time you gathered with family or friends. The gathering probably centered around food. But for people who have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), joining in those food-centered festivities can present a challenge. That’s because some people with IBD face dietary restrictions.

Food on plate
"Our survey of IBD patients confirmed several common concerns, such as the difficulty they experience when eating out with family and friends,” says Kazuhisa Kaneko, who works in communications at Takeda's Japan Pharma Business Unit. “In response, we collaborated with Hyatt Regency Tokyo to create meals that cater to patients facing food restrictions.”

Deepening Understanding through a Disease Experience Program

To gain a deep understanding of the concerns of IBD patients, Hyatt Regency Tokyo staff participated in Takeda's "In Their ShoesGo to" program, simulating the daily challenges faced by IBD patients, such as the sudden and urgent need to use the bathroom at work or face a dietary restriction at lunch.

Tomoko Kodama, Marketing Assistant Manager (at that time) at Hyatt Regency Tokyo, says, "The more I learned about IBD, the more I realized how much people can be restricted by their condition. This experience has motivated me to try to support patients through food, something that plays such an important role in our lives."

IBD, a condition characterized by inflammation of the digestive tract, may require dietary restrictions in some cases such as limiting fat, fiber, and spicy foods to avoid negative affects on symptoms1. With approximately 6.8 million IBD patients worldwide2, reducing symptoms to enhance quality of life is a common challenge.

“Party Plates to enjoy with IBD Patients”

So, Takeda and the Hyatt Regency Tokyo developed a range of home-delivery meals called "Party Plates with IBD Patients," carefully crafted with the guidance of a dietitian specializing in IBD.

Shozo Okamoto

"We realized that the restrictions faced by many IBD patients are more challenging than we initially thought, both physically and mentally. My aim was to infuse vibrancy and flavor into the food of IBD patients, enriching their lives through culinary experiences."

Shozo Okamoto, Head Chef, Hyatt Regency Tokyo

During the meticulous recipe development process, the team focused on selecting low-fat ingredients and also on enhancing flavor and presentation. The team carefully selected ingredients, utilized minimal oil, and employed slow, low-temperature cooking methods.

Katsuaki Hoshino

"Some dishes ended up being quite different from the initial vision. But through trial and error, we successfully created delicious meals that add diversity and color to the dining tables and lives of IBD patients."

Katsuaki Hoshino, Event Kitchen Chef, Hyatt Regency Tokyo

Sharing recipes and increasing disease awareness

Takeda’s Kazuhisa says some of these recipes are now available on a special websiteGo to (and see below on this page), featuring preparation methods that are easy to do at home so that IBD patients can enjoy these dishes at their convenience.

Beyond recipe development, Takeda actively supports various disease awareness initiatives, including public talks and events, poster campaigns, and the creation of communication tools to raise awareness of IBD and the challenges that people with IBD face.

Kazuhisa emphasizes, "For over 240 years, our company has been focused on patients and helping to meet their needs. We will keep looking for innovative ways to help IBD patients live comfortably."

A selection of the menus and recipes for the Party Plates for IBD Patients, with modifications to make them easier to recreate at home, are given below.

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*Party Plates with IBD Patients is no longer for sale.

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