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Health care for all

January 15, 2017

Everyone deserves equal access to essential healthcare, regardless of location, economic circumstances, or cultural background.

However, it is estimated that even today, half of the world’s population lacks access to such services.

As a global pharmaceutical company, we are deeply committed to helping alleviate these needs. Our long-term Global CSR Programs, which are carried out in partnership with world-class agencies and NGOs with proven track records of solving global health problems, each target a specific area of need and include a 3 to 10-year commitment ensuring a genuine, long-lasting impact on community health.

One such program is our partnership with the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign, a large-scale program aiming to immunize 5.4 million children across 40 countries with the measles vaccine. The funding we provided over a period of 10 years is helping guarantee a steady vaccine supply and supporting local health outreach activities in rural areas where, until now, it has been hard to deliver essential healthcare.

This program embodies our proactive, integrated approach to CSR, wherein we collaborate with specialists on the ground to deliver the essential services that local communities need, in a way that respects their culture and supports the development of long-term solutions.

Together, working with our partners, we can help realize a brighter future for generations to come.