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Lessins Building

Pride in producing plasma-derived therapies

January 11, 2024

“I am proud to work for Takeda Lessines because, in addition to transforming human plasma into life-changing and life-sustaining medicines for patients, production here has always been done with great concern for impact on society,” says Pierre Cordier, a digital and data science expert.

Pierre works at our plasma-derived therapies (PDT) manufacturing site in Lessines, Belgium. The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) recognized the site as its 2023 Facility of the Year Award winner in the Social Impact category — the first time our company has been awarded for efforts in this category.

ISPE recognized the site, which produces life-sustaining PDT therapies, for implementing innovative systems aimed at reducing its environmental impact, including minimizing waste, shrinking its carbon footprint and incorporating green manufacturing techniques.

In 2021, the site went live with a pioneering wastewater treatment system that currently enables up to 50% of wastewater to be treated and reused, with a target of 90% by 2027. Today, the entire site is running with 100% renewable electricity which is largely produced on-site. With the implementation of thousands of solar panels and geothermal energy — and in the future, wind turbines and biomass boilers — the site aims to cover 100% of its heat and electricity needs.

Pablo Fortunato, who works at the site as a business relations partner, says this remarkable progress reflects our company’s centuries-long commitment to improving the health of people and the planet. “It proves that it is possible to reach objectives while maintaining a higher standard of social responsibility and also a big commitment to the planet,” he says.

Watch this video to hear more about why our colleagues are proud to work at this award-winning site.