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For a safe and effective Dengue vaccine

Takeda’s dengue vaccine candidate contains four different serotypes of live-attenuated virus. This video illustrates how virus potency is determined in our quality control laboratory in Singen using an immunofocus assay (IFA).

Mammalian Vero cells are seeded into specific plastic plates and infected with the serially diluted dengue vaccine. Localization of the virus to the point of infection is supported by a highly viscous overlay medium which is added before incubation. After washing, fixation and serotype specific staining, viral foci (dark spots) are counted to calculate virus potency. This counting procedure is performed manually. To increase patient safety through standardization, data integrity and traceability - an automated focus counter is currently developed. The result is a high resolution picture of each plate. The foci are counted based on a deep learning algorithm and marked in the picture. Plates are barcode labeled for full traceability. As we do not yet have a fully automated system, we currently use a cobot for loading the analysis plates into the semi-automated focus counter.

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