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Improving the Healthcare Environment of Women Factory Workers in Asia and Africa
Building inclusive workplaces that empower women through improved health, strengthened financial capability, and positive gender relations.

The Program

Knowledge related to the healthcare of women working in factories in emerging and developing countries is essential. The non-profit BSR launched HERproject in 2015 with support from Takeda to improve women's health in 15 factory clinics in Bangladesh and scale the results to other sites. The project has since expanded to China, India, Kenya, and Ethiopia in an effort to improve the healthcare environment and financial inclusion of more than 30,000 women workers in local and global companies.

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An Empowered Women-Led Workforce and the Healthcare Access They Need

When Takeda learned about HERhealth, a program under HERproject, it inspired us to think about the need for a better health system in RMG factories; here, a partnership was born.