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Transforming the Lives of Children With Serious Illness, and Their Families

Developing and expanding ground-breaking programs, including specialized medical camps, that deliver life-changing experiences.

The Program


Partner: SeriousFun Children’s Network
Budget: 1 billion yen
Term: 5 years
Launch: 2019
Area: U.S., Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean

SeriousFun Children’s Network Website

Life for a child living with cancer, HIV, hemophilia, or another serious illness or rare disease includes frequent visits to doctor’s offices and hospitals; time away from school and peers; frightening, sometimes painful, medical treatments; and complex medicine regimens. Serious illnesses also affect the entire family as parents, siblings, and extended family members face their own challenges and emotions. This partnership serves as a catalyst for innovation and transformation as it supports research and evaluation efforts which track the impact of SeriousFun camps on the lives of children and families and further improves programs to meet their needs, while also building medical capacity throughout the Network.



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