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Driven by Passion

I’m a drug discovery chemist. I lead a team that designs and synthesizes drug candidates, and our goal is to become the best team of our kind in the world. Developing new drugs is a challenging process where we comb through tens of thousands of compounds until we find the right combination. This may sound a little tedious, but we have a strong passion and enthusiasm for our research, and we are driven by a quiet but powerful sense of curiosity. This passion and tenacity for what we do is a real point of pride for us.

Twelve years ago, when I was working at our research division in San Diego, we filed a patent for a highly acclaimed compound. I honestly don’t recall doing anything unique or special to achieve that result. All I remember is that we worked hard and were determined to succeed. I suppose you might say it’s a good example of one of Takeda’s core values—perseverance— in action.

We’re passionate about delivering quality pharmaceuticals and committed to always putting patients first.

We are also committed to approaching patients’ needs and delivering results from beginning to end with integrity, honesty, and fairness. Based on this unshakeable set of values, our entire team can engage in its work in a patient-centric way.

Yasuhiro Imaeda

I experienced the hardships of illness in my family. To me, the compounds we develop are only useful once they’re deliverable to patients. I want to help as many people as possible get access to the medicines they need.