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Global Ethics & Compliance

The Takeda Global Code of Conduct and Reinforcement of the Global Ethics & Compliance Program

Takeda believes that, in addition to complying with all applicable laws and regulations, it is essential for Takeda employees and executives to conduct business in line with the highest ethical and moral standards. At Takeda, this is expressed through our Values - “Takeda-ism,” and our four priorities of Patient, Trust, Reputation and Business. 

To set a standard, we established the Takeda Global Code of Conduct, which gives us a framework for achieving the ethical and moral standards we aspire to. It sets out the principles we must follow every day and helps us preserve the integrity that is ingrained in our heritage, and which underpins Takeda-ism and our four priorities. The Global Code of Conduct applies to all Takeda employees and enables all of us to make everyday decisions in line with our Values.

Takeda Ethics Line

We established the Takeda Ethics Line that is available to all employees around the world 24 hours a day. Employees can contact the Ethics Line and ask a question or voice a concern, and Takeda has a policy of non-retaliation for any employee who raises a concern in good faith.

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