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Steven Gillis

August 1981
Founder, Director and Executive Vice President, Research and Development, Immunex Corporation (currently, Amgen, Inc.)

June 1988
President and Chief Operating Officer, Immunex Research and Development Corporation

July 1990
President and Chief Executive Officer, Immunex Research and Development Corporation

May 1993
Chief Executive Officer, Immunex Corporation

October 1994
Founder, Director and Chief Executive Officer, Corixa Corporation (currently, GlaxoSmithKline)

January 1999
Director and Chairman, Corixa Corporation

August 2005
Managing Director, ARCH Venture Partners (to present)

October 2009
External Director, Pulmatrix, Inc.

October 2012
External Director, Shire plc

Chairman and External Director, Codiak Biosciences (to present)

May 2016
External Director and Chairman, VBI Vaccines, Inc. (to present)

January 2019
External Director of the Company (to present)


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