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Corporate Citizenship Activities

Introduction of Basic Policies on Corporate Citizenship Activities

As a manufacturer of medicines, since our foundation, we at Takeda have worked diligently and sincerely for 240 years to help save and improve people’s lives, and we have amassed a wealth of insight and expertise into human life and health over that time. Our corporate philosophy and Takeda-ism developed over the course of the company’s long history, stipulates that we must seek to build and maintain strong, trust-based relationships with all our stakeholders in order to achieve our mission.

Our business is rapidly becoming more global and our operations expanding. Little wonder, then, that the demands and expectations of our stakeholders are increasingly diverse and go beyond simply requiring “leading innovation in medicine.” As a truly global pharmaceutical company, we at Takeda must seek to ensure we fulfil our responsibilities to the community and achieve sustainable growth. To that end, we have established basic policies for Corporate Citizenship Activities to be shared and implemented group-wide (Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited and non-Japanese subsidiaries and affiliates).

What are Corporate Citizenship Activities?

Corporate Citizenship Activities as a Part of CSR Activities

The bedrock of our CSR activities at Takeda group is formed by our business activities themselves?that is, diligent efforts to lead innovation in medicine. Meanwhile, global and local communities expect more from us than mere business operations; they want us to take an active approach to addressing the various issues they face. Corporate Citizenship Activities are our ways of helping communities address issues as part of our CSR activities.

Specific Examples of Corporate Citizenship Activities

Corporate Citizenship Activities may take a number of forms including, for instance, donating cash or products to citizens’ groups, making company facilities available to local residents, sponsoring events that benefit the community greatly or supporting volunteer activities by Takeda employees. We must, however, never allow ourselves to be satisfied with the mere performance of these activities; it is imperative that our activities be judged on whether or not they have a positive outcome for the intended beneficiaries.

Basic Principles on Corporate Citizenship Activities

1. Corporate Citizenship Activities will have an emphasis on health and medicine in order that we can offer the benefits of Takeda’s expertise in this field.

As a manufacturer of medicines, we at Takeda have worked diligently and sincerely for 230 years to help save and improve people’s lives. As such, our Corporate Citizenship Activities will be focused on health and medicine in order that we can leverage the wealth of expertise built up over our long history to create a positive influence on the community.

2. Corporate Citizenship Activities will reflect the needs of global and local communities

It is vital that Corporate Citizenship Activities be conducted only once we have a full understanding of what our stakeholders require. In particular, as a global pharmaceutical company, Corporate Citizenship Activities by Takeda’s department controlling CSR activities must therefore be focused on addressing issues on health and medicine faced by the global community, while activities performed by Takeda affiliates around the world and Takeda’s business sites in Japan must be closely linked with the problems faced by their local communities.

3. We will give due consideration to ideas for collaboration and cooperation with a broad range of stakeholders, including citizens’ groups, governments and international agencies.

Cooperating with a broad range of stakeholders, including citizens’ groups, governments and international agencies makes it possible for all parties to share and update resources, expertise and information and, therefore, has the potential to enhance the benefits of Corporate Citizenship Activities. In addition, as a company, sometimes we may struggle to elicit honest, unvarnished grassroots opinions or gauge the real situations, trends and reactions of a community. However, collaboration and cooperation is a means of collecting such data quickly, and therefore enables us to resolve problems more quickly and efficiently, thus making our Corporate Citizenship Activities more effective.

4. Takeda will provide assistance for voluntary community participation by employees.

Volunteer activities are an effective way for employees to get a feel for the issues a community faces, and an opportunity to broaden horizons. What is more, the more employees involved in social activity a company has, the more likely that such company is to be fair and transparent in its business. In light of which, we at Takeda will provide assistance for voluntary community participation by employees.

5. Takeda will appropriately disclose its activities to stakeholders.

Making appropriate information about our Corporate Citizenship Activities available in our annual reports and on our websites is an effective means of eliciting feedback from the full spectrum of stakeholders. We can then reflect those opinions in subsequent activities and decisions so as to improve the quality of our activities and make Takeda even more trustworthy in the eyes of the community.