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Research assets transferred from T-CiRA to a new company

August 11, 2021
iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes and iPS cell-derived pancreatic islet cells, which were developed as part of the T-CiRA program, have been transferred to Orizuru Therapeutics Inc. (OZTx), a company established in April 2021, as seeds for regenerative medical products. T-CiRA is a 10-year joint research program between CiRA and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited.

The iPS cell-derived cells were developed by T-CiRA’s projects led by CiRA Associate Professor Yoshinori Yoshida and CiRA Junior Associate Professor Taro Toyoda, respectively. OZTx is expected to use the cells to realize cell therapies to treat severe heart failure and diabetes.

CiRA Director/Professor Shinya Yamanaka, who serves as the T-CiRA program director, has become the chair of the Scientific Advisory Board at OZTx.

For details, visit OZTx at https://orizuru-therapeutics.com/en/?p=11