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Research on Cell Therapy against Type 1 Diabetes introduced in Newton

November 4, 2020
The Japanese renowned graphic science magazine “Newton” introduced one of T-CiRA Joint Program’s projects, iPS-derived pancreatic islet cell therapy research in its latest extra edition. https://www.newtonpress.co.jp/separate/back_medical-pharmacy/mook_201105-2.html

The project is led by TOYODA Taro from CiRA and participated by several researchers from Takeda including MOCHIDA Taisuke. The research progress was published online on the American Diabetes Association’s “Diabetes” in January this year.
The research showed that insulin-deficient diabetes upregulates the insulin-secreting capacity of EPC (endocrine progenitor cell) grafts by increasing the number of endocrine cells without changing the graft mass. Theses findings are expected to contribute to postoperative diabetic care for cell therapy using stem cell-derived pancreatic cells.