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We are committed to providing innovative treatments to patients through iPS cell technology.

Academic and Takeda researchers are working together as ONE TEAM on projects for clinical applications of iPS cells in neurological diseases, cancer, intractable muscle diseases and gastrointestinal diseases, etc.
We are committed to developing innovative treatments to patients through iPS cell technology.


Cell therapy, organoid and advanced immunology

Immune Cell Therapy Project

Development of a novel immunotherapy using iPSC-derived immune cells

Shin Kaneko (PI, CiRA)
Akira Hayashi (Co-PI, Takeda)
Yoshiaki Kassai (Co-PI, Takeda)

Neural Crest Cell Project

A new research platform with human iPSC-derived neural crest cells and its applications for drug discovery and regenerative medicine

Makoto Ikeya (PI, CiRA)
Hirokazu Matsumoto (Co-PI, Takeda)

Organoid Medicine Project

Miniature liver technology as a platform for research towards pharmaceutical applications

Takanori Takebe (PI, TMDU)
Yasunori Nio(Co-PI, Takeda)

Genetically defined muscular diseases and cardiomyopathy

Genome Editing Therapy for Muscular Dystrophy Project

Development of novel gene therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, by using genome editing and delivery technologies

Akitsu Hotta (PI, CiRA)
Naoto Inukai (Co-PI, Takeda)

Cardiomyopathy Project

Drug discovery for genetic cardiac disease using a novel iPSC-based platform

Yoshinori Yoshida (PI, CiRA)
Kenichi Imahashi (Co-PI, Takeda)

Neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental diseases

ALS/ASD Drug Discovery Project

ALS/ASD drug discovery and development using patient derived iPSCs

Haruhisa Inoue (PI, CiRA)
Hiroshi Yukitake (Co-PI, Takeda)

NGLY1 Deficiency Project

Development of therapeutic agents for rare hereditary diseases using iPS cells

Tadashi Suzuki (PI, RIKEN)
Hiroshi Yukitake(Co-PI, Takeda)


Research assets transferred from T-CiRA to Orizuru Therapeutics

iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes and iPS cell-derived pancreatic islet cells, which were developed as part of the T-CiRA program, have been transferred to Orizuru Therapeutics Inc., a company established in April 2021, as seeds for regenerative medical products.
The iPS cell-derived cells were developed by T-CiRA’s projects led by CiRA Associate Professor Yoshinori Yoshida and CiRA Junior Associate Professor Taro Toyoda, respectively.

Cardiac Cell Therapy Project

Development of an iPSC-derived cardiomyocyte cell therapy for severe heart failure

Yoshinori Yoshida (PI, CiRA)

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Pancreatic Beta Cell Therapy Project

Research on Cell Therapy against Type 1 Diabetes

Taro Toyoda (PI, CiRA)

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