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About T-CiRA

Collaborative research aiming to develop innovative treatments over a 10-year period

T-CiRA is a joint research program by the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA), Kyoto University and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Over a 10-year period and under the direction of CiRA, this joint program will conduct research to develop clinical applications of iPS cells. We aim to develop innovative drugs and cell treatments in such areas as neuro-psychiatric disorders, cancer, intractable muscle diseases, and gastrointestinal diseases in order to fulfill the needs of patients promptly.


A world with the prospect of
Better Health through the infinite Power of Science

Our vision:
the long-term goal that we strive to reach.


Transform medicine with the unlimited potential of iPS cells

Our purpose:
why we exist as an organization.


Discover the seeds of treatment options
and nurture them for clinical application

Our mission:
how we accomplish our purpose.


Opening up new possibilities in healthcare without fear of failure

Our identity:
who we are.

Always keeping up with patients’ needs using the wisdom of science

Conducting next-generation research for drug discovery within an industry-academia collaboration