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Shire Supplier Information

Committed to Responsible Sourcing

Managing the environmental and social impacts of our operations, products, manufacturing, and sourcing is an important part of our commitment. We work with business partners, contractors, and suppliers to ensure the products we deliver are safe, effective, and of the highest quality. Operating responsibly and using resources efficiently involves setting and living up to exacting standards, and supporting our partners and suppliers in doing the same.

We’re committed to partnering with our suppliers and making positive changes along our value chain by encouraging our business partners, suppliers, and contractors to adopt responsible and sustainable practices.


We view our suppliers as business partners with expertise, assets and capabilities that can be used to enable improvements in efficiency, effectiveness and business continuity to bring life-changing therapies to underserved patients.


We continue to strive to be an advocate in sustainability initiatives within its organization as well as support a sustainable supply chain to meet its core objectives and assure access of products to patients. Shire continues to review its supplier selection criteria to include a number of factors including, but not limited to, environmental, social and economic elements.

Policies and Procedures:

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

Please follow the links below to Shire’s Purchase Order Terms and Conditions. These Purchase Order Terms and Conditions apply to all purchases of goods and services by Shire.

You will be deemed to have accepted all purchase orders you receive, along with the applicable Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, by your acknowledgement or through your commencement of performance. Shire objects to all additions, exceptions, or changes to these terms, whether contained in any printed form of Seller or elsewhere, unless approved by Shire in writing.

If you have a separate written agreement signed by both you and Shire, the terms and conditions set forth in such agreement shall control over any conflicting terms found in a purchase order or in Shire’s Purchase Order Terms and Conditions. Shire’s terms and conditions shall prevail in the event of any conflict between such terms and conditions and any terms and conditions provided by Supplier in any form.

PO Terms and Conditions:

Fraudulent PO Communications

As you are aware, the Shire and Takeda Boards have agreed to an offer whereby Takeda would acquire Shire, pending regulatory and shareholder approval, in the first half of 2019. While changes to our procurement process may take place in the future, please be assured we will provide clear communication regarding any new processes and brand transitions, should they occur. In the meantime, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you to be vigilant in reviewing suspicious purchase orders or requests for quotations that appear to come from Shire.

While we know your company has its own guidelines and processes to identify fraudulent activity, below are some common traits of fraudulent purchase order communications, which may help your company identify such activity. Please note this is not an exhaustive list of the traits of potential purchase order fraud. There are incorrect domain names on websites, e-mails or purchase orders.

  • The sender's email address does not reflect Shire’s email address structure, such as shire@gmail.com or jones@shire-co.uk. Authentic emails from Shire end in “shire.com”.
  • The message includes phone number(s) not associated with Shire and the phone number is not answered by a live person.
  • The message includes a website link that is nearly identical to those used by Shire (i.e., shire.co.uk).
  • The message is poorly written with misspellings, grammatical errors and awkward sentence structure.
  • The message requests shipment or delivery of products to an address not affiliated with Shire or to an address that does not match the address on the purchase order. These addresses may be for a residence, self-storage facility or third-party shipper.
  • The purchase order may be for unusually large quantities of merchandise or a high dollar value and/or specify shipment via priority or overnight shipping service.
  • The message may include an attachment that is designed to look like a new account form, purchase order or a logo, other graphic or signature that may look legitimate.

If you do not recognize the Shire contact name or business address on a solicitation or request for quotation, please forward the email to Shire Procurement at Procurement.Comms@shire.com. If you receive a suspicious purchase order, please contact poprocessing@shire.com.

Shire values strong relationships with our supplies and sincerely thanks you for your attention to this matter.

Regional Information for Suppliers

While our Shire policies and processes are broadly the same across the globe, each of our global regions may operate slightly different procedures for registering and paying our suppliers. Please follow the links below to our regional information.

For all other regions, please contact your local Finance team