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Purchase Orders and Invoices

Takeda Business Solutions (TBS) is responsible for managing supplier payments globally for Takeda. We have created this guide to help ensure you receive timely payment for your invoices. Please use the below guidance to avoid payment delays.

Purchase Orders

  • A purchase order (PO) must be supplied to you before work commences.
  • If you don’t have a PO, please contact your requestor from Takeda.
  • The PO should contain the goods type and quantity, as well as the requestor name.
  • Unit of measure (UOM), quantity and price on the invoice should match the PO.

Issue Invoice

Invoices should be sent via email (as PDF attachments) directly to the revised Takeda country specific email. You will find all emails listed on below. Please note that these email accounts are unmonitored, automated scanners and cannot respond to queries.

Your invoice must be issued in line with country legal and fiscal requirements and include a valid PO number as reference. Additionally, the invoice must include:

  • PO number
  • Name of the requestor from Takeda
  • The invoice must be in PDF format
  • Total size of E-mail with attachments should not be greater than 30 MB
  • Each PDF file must have a different name
  • Text included in the accompanying email will not be scanned, so be sure that all important information is included in the PDF itself
  • Only 1 invoice per pdf file is allowed

Please do not use these emails for non-invoice purposes.


Country of billing address

Email address for PDF invoices

Austria [email protected]
Belarus [email protected]
Belgium [email protected]
Bulgaria [email protected]
Canada [email protected]
Croatia [email protected]
Czech Republic [email protected]
Denmark [email protected]
Estonia [email protected]
Finland invoices[email protected]
France [email protected]
Germany [email protected]
Greece [email protected]
Hungary [email protected]
Ireland  [email protected]
Italy [email protected]
Latvia [email protected]
Lithuania [email protected]
Netherlands [email protected]
Norway [email protected]
Poland [email protected]
Portugal [email protected]
Romania [email protected]
Serbia [email protected]
Singapore [email protected]
Slovakia [email protected]
Slovenia [email protected]
South Africa RSA [email protected] com
Spain [email protected]
Sweden [email protected]
Switzerland [email protected]
Ukraine [email protected]
United Arab Emirates [email protected]
United Kingdom [email protected]
United States [email protected]

Payment terms

Takeda’s standard payment terms are 90 days, except where different terms have been agreed in a contract, Master Services Agreement (MSA), or Statement of Work (SOW).

  • Payment due date is calculated from the date of receipt of an undisputed invoice by Takeda.
  • According to Takeda’s Global Procurement Policy, new contracts will be on minimum 90-day payment terms – exceptions may apply.
  • Where a contract or MSA is not required, the PO from Takeda serves as the contract, stipulating all terms and conditions governing the transaction.


Payment will be made within contract terms and/or within 90 days calculated from the date of receipt of an undisputed invoice, subject to receipt of a correctly prepared invoice, including a PO and an approval from the Takeda requisitioner within the approval system.

  • Upon approval your invoice will go into the next available payment run, per the terms of payment.
  • Electronic bank transfers are our preferred payment method.
  • In case of any changes or mismatches between the bank data on our system and your invoice, and to reduce the risk of fraud, we will ask you to confirm your bank data with our Master Data team at: [email protected] 

Vendor Queries

Payment clarifications or statements can be easily displayed in our Supplier Solutions Portal. Alternatively, please send your question to [email protected] to contact one of our agents.