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Become a Takeda Supplier

In order to become a Takeda Supplier you need to follow these 4 simple steps: 

1. You receive the questionnaire link. 

Your Takeda Business Contact sends you the link to the questionnaire form. 

2. You register for a SAP Business Network Account.

In order to open the questionnaire, you are required to register for a SAP Business Network account* 

*At this step you will be assigned a specific identification number (ANID). We strongly recommend keeping this ID and credentials since they can be used for online cooperation with Takeda (e-invoicing).

3. You fill in the questionnaire form. 

The form is used to create your vendor profile at Takeda. You are asked to enter your entity name, address, bank data, TAX / VAT details (if applicable) and other details required.

4. Your information is verified, Takeda creates your vendor profile, and we are ready to transact. 

Takeda Compliance Team may come back to you with additional questions to reconfirm the address, bank data, and the email domain from which you are contacting us. Takeda requires basic information from its Third Parties to provide transparency to its supply chain and to avoid potential risks. You may be asked to fill in the Risk Assessment Request, as part of Takeda’s Third-Party Risk Management Program. 


Become Takeda Supplier short guide.

If you require training regarding the registration of SAP Business Network Account and filling the questionnaire, please submit your request. 

Other questions regarding Supplier Registration Process can be sent to: [email protected]