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Supplier Qualification & Due Diligence


Takeda’s procurement risk management process requires that we conduct reasonable due diligence in engaging, selecting, and assessing suppliers throughout their Takeda lifecycle.

Takeda requires basic information from its suppliers to provide transparency to its supply chain and potential risks. Subject to local legal requirements and the sustainable procurement risk analysis, suppliers may be asked to provide information to confirm:

  •  Corporate and legal information
  •  Financial information
  •  Verification of authenticity and correctness of Bank Accounts
  •  Business practice information that allows Takeda to evaluate potential supply chain risk
  •  Acknowledgment of the Takeda Supplier Code of Conduct
  •  Applicable supplier company classification and/or diversity information

In some cases, Takeda may retain an independent third party to help conduct supplier due diligence. Suppliers to Takeda are asked to cooperate with these requests on behalf of Takeda.

Questions about the qualification or supplier onboarding standards can be made to sustainableprocurement@takeda.com