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Suppliers are critical for helping Takeda patients achieve better health. Whether you are a raw material supplier, a clinical research laboratory, or a supplier of marketing services, your goods and services have an impact every day on the patients relying on Takeda's products and the Takeda employees whose passion is dedicated to improving patient health worldwide.

Below are helpful links to understanding how to work with Takeda as a supplier.

Sustainable Procurement > - Learn about Takeda's overall approach to ensuring its suppliers share our commitment to sustainability, including our approach to Sustainable Procurement, Responsible Procurement, the Takeda Supplier Code of Conduct, Supplier Diversity, and Supplier Qualification and Due Diligence.

  • Responsible Procurement – Takeda is committed to upholding human rights in our operations and throughout our supply chain.
  • Supplier Code of Conduct - The Takeda Supplier Code of Conduct specifies our expectations for supplier performance. It plays a critical role in supplier risk management, including engagement, selection, and assessment. We operate to one global standard.
  • Supplier Diversity – Supplier diversity is critical for providing an economically and socially diverse supply chain at Takeda.
  • Third Party Risk Management - Takeda’s procurement risk management process requires that we conduct reasonable due diligence in engaging, selecting, and assessing suppliers throughout their Takeda lifecycle.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions – Find the applicable Terms and Conditions.

Supplier Processes and Tools 

Learn about the processes that we use to connect with you and how you can connect with Takeda.