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Public-Private Partnerships

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We recognize the need for innovation that will benefit patient communities. Our Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) extend beyond traditional biological approaches and integrate the latest technological advances, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our Global Science Policy work helps identify and contribute focus on which PPPs to engage with to help us understand, anticipate and influence future scientific trends and policies better.

Through our PPPs and Global Science Policy work we assess and shape policy, and facilitate and lead collaborations, which bolster Takeda’s ability to responsibly translate science into highly innovative, life-changing therapies and vaccines. At Takeda, PPPs and Science Policy work are one team with a shared purpose. 

We coordinate with the other policy functions at Takeda on the following R&D policy priorities:

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Elevate Patients' Role

Elevate the role of the patient in drug development, with a particular focus on representation of patient populations from rare disease and underserved communities

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Advance Innovations

Advance innovative scientific approaches to drug development, including charting development paths for cell and gene therapies

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Leverage All Available Data

Leverage all relevant and available data in drug development, with an initial focus on real world data and analytics

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Regulatory Processes & Collaboration

Streamline regulatory processes and collaboration, with an initial focus on developing cloud platforms for efficient data sharing with regulators