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Recognizing Resilience on World Hemophilia Day 2021

Join us in celebrating the resilience of the hemophilia community

WorldHemophiliaDay.jpgWe are pleased to join the hemophilia community in celebrating the strength and resilience of those living with hemophilia and other rare bleeding disorders this World Hemophilia Day (WHD) 2021 (April 17).

WHD 2021 comes after a year of significant challenge and The World Federation of Hemophilia’s theme for this event is “Adapting to change: sustaining care in a new world”.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on those living with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders and the world has changed greatly over the last year, requiring unprecedented adaptation in order to sustain care. One thing, however, hasn’t changed: our continued commitment to serve and improve the lives of those with rare bleeding disorders around the world.

In February, we celebrated the resilience of the rare disease community on Rare Disease Day 2021 (February, 28) by bringing to life the stories of a selection of “Rare Stars”. This WHD we are extending this celebration by recognizing and celebrating the inspiring stories of two hemophilia “Rare Stars”. Their powerful stories demonstrate character and exceptional fortitude in the face of challenges and they embody the resilience and strength of the wider hemophilia community, especially in a year where the world has had to adapt to significant change.

“On World Hemophilia Day, as with every other day, we are proud to stand with, and celebrate the strength of, the global bleeding disorders community,” says Mary Uhlenhopp, Global Head of Patient Advocacy. “Despite the challenges this past year has presented, those living with rare bleeding disorders and the wider community supporting them continue to demonstrate resilience and an exceptional ability to adapt to the changes thrown at them during the pandemic. We are proud to honor these hemophilia Rare Stars and the wider community who continue to inspire us each and every day.”

We will share their stories here and across social media to help raise awareness in support of WHD while also illustrating how their light was never dimmed, even during a year made more difficult by the pandemic.

Hemophilia is a chronic disease that causes longer-than-normal bleeding due to absent or deficient clotting factor in the blood.1 Hemophilia A is more common than hemophilia B;  in 2018, there were 173,711 people with hemophilia A and 34,289 people with hemophilia B.2

Takeda is a leader in rare hematology with the longest heritage and market-leading portfolio, backed by established safety and efficacy profiles with decades of real-world experience. We have more than 70 years’ experience driving innovation for patients and a broad portfolio of potential treatment options across multiple bleeding disorders.  Our experience as leaders in hematology means we are well prepared to meet today’s needs as we pursue future developments in the care of bleeding disorders. Together with the hematology community, we are raising expectations for the future, including earlier diagnosis, earlier and full protection against bleeds, and more personalized patient care.3

To support this initiative, celebrate the hemophilia and rare bleeding disorders community, and follow these inspiring stories from “Rare Stars”, please connect with us on our corporate Twitter and LinkedIn channels.

Rare is strong. Rare is proud. Rare is many. Rare is resilient. Together, we can work toward more equitable access to diagnosis, treatment, care and social opportunity for every patient living with a rare disease.


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