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Rethinking Rare: Rare Disease Day 2022

Join us in looking beyond preconceived notions about rare disease and bringing more to the rare community.
This February 28th, Takeda is excited to participate in Rare Disease Day 2022. Celebrated annually and spearheaded by EURORDIS (Rare Diseases Europe) and its council of National Alliances, this day of celebration raises awareness of rare diseases and conditions, as well as those who contribute to the rare disease community.

Around the world, more than 300 million patients, families, friends and caregivers are impacted by one of more than 7,000 rare diseases.1,2 You likely know people facing a rare disease because they affect one in 20 people worldwide at some point in their life.3

Last year, we joined patient advocacy groups in highlighting “rare stars in a rare year” by shining a light on the unique resilience of the rare disease community – the patients, families, caregivers, health care professionals and communities who create meaningful change, and continued to do so amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, we’re thrilled to join these groups in ensuring equity and understanding for every member of the rare disease community. We will “rethink rare” by encouraging people to look beyond preconceived notions about rare disease and featuring some of the affected individuals with rare diseases, caregivers, technologies and treatments breaking down barriers in the rare space while emphasizing the breadth and depth of the rare disease community.

As Kern Briggs, Global Head of Patient Advocacy,

shares, “Many people inherently believe that rare diseases impact very few people due to their understanding of the word “rare;” however, this is not at all the case. While a single rare disease may impact a small portion of the population, rare conditions as a whole impact hundreds of millions of people around the world. The community is vast, and they want to be seen and supported. This year, we’re encouraging people around the world to stop and rethink their preconceived notions about rare disease to help drive positive, lasting change for people impacted by rare diseases.”

Leading up to Rare Disease Day, Takeda will share the stories of unique people and solutions changing the rare community on our website and across social media to honor the worldwide experience of rare disease and our commitment to improving life for those impacted by rare conditions.

Inspiring Stories that Rethink Rare


For more than three decades, Takeda has been a global leader and innovator in rare disease treatment. We aspire to transform the treatment of rare diseases in Immunology, Hematology, Metabolic and Lysosomal Storage Disorders. Rooted in our distinguished 240-year history that began in Japan, Takeda believes every patient counts and we are passionate about developing life-changing treatments for these patients.

To support this initiative, celebrate the rare disease community, and follow these inspiring stories that “rethink rare” around the world, please connect with us on our corporate social media channels – Twitter and LinkedIn.

Rare is strong. Rare is proud. Rare is many. Rare is all around us. Together, we can work toward more innovation, consideration, understanding and hope for every patient living with a rare disease.


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