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Takeda Launched ‘Amplify’ Podcast Series to Help Support Change Towards Personalized Care in the Bleeding Disorders Community

To celebrate the global initiatives and expertise that help guide our principles towards personalized care for the Hematology community, Takeda is proud to release ‘Amplify’, a seven-part podcast series hosted by science producer and journalist Tina Carmillia. 

The series invites a global panel of patient group representatives, clinicians and policy makers in the rare bleeding disorders community to discuss how multiple stakeholders can work together to advocate for personalized care, with the goal of improving patient outcomes such as joint health.

Each episode features expert voices from around the world for a variety of discussions that shine the spotlight on why personalized care should be considered as a possible cornerstone of best practice for hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. With years of experiences and expert knowledge, they discuss how the borders of personalized care are defined by ever-changing parameters owing to technology, evidence-based advocacy and our understanding of the biology, physiology, and pathology of bleeding disorders.

Please listen to this preview, subscribe, and share the podcast series, which is available on: https://shows.acast.com/amplify

*Some episodes in the Takeda Amplify series are only intended for listeners outside the United States