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Amwell Inc.

Telemedicine technology solutions

Amwell is a telemedicine company based in Boston, Massachusetts, that connects patients with doctors over secure video. Amwell sells its platform as a subscription service to healthcare providers to put their medical professionals online and its proprietary software development kits, APIs, and system integrations enable clients to embed telehealth into existing workflows utilized by providers and patients.

Aspen Health Inc.

App-based platform helping Pharmacists connect with patients

Aspen has reimagined the patient-pharmacist relationship via a revolutionary first of its kind application that allows customized outreach and support of patients through an on-demand community of pharmacists.

Gaido Health Inc.

Oncology focused remote patient monitoring (sold)

Gaido Health has developed an artificial intelligence remote patient monitoring platform that enables home-based post-acute care of high risk and high cost Oncology patients. The platform is device agnostic, so patients can choose a device suitable to their needs and requirements.

Gaido was sold to Biofourmis in 2020.

Oshi Health Inc.

Virtual healthcare provider for complex gastrointestinal diseases.

Oshi has developed a GI virtual care platform that provides full-stack healthcare services enabling a coordinated approach to managing complex GI conditions.  Its model combines medical, dietary and behavioral care in a patient friendly app that requires minimal physical interventions to meet most patient’s needs.

Seqster PDM | Inc.

Longitudinal health information in real time

Seqster has developed a simple and easy way of aggregating patients’ health information that is unique in how it collects, organizes and displays the data in ways that have not previously been possible.