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Announcement of FY 2012 Recipients of Takeda's "Support for Japan's Vitality and Recovery" Program (Takeda's support for the reconstruction of areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake), Donation to Takeda-Akaihane Nationwide Evacuee Support Program (collaborative program with the Central Community Chest of Japan)

March 10, 2014

Osaka, Japan, March 10, 2014 –Under the slogan "We will never forget 3.11," Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (“Takeda”) is continuously striving to support the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

One of the activities is the donation project "Support for Japan's Vitality and Recovery" that sets out to support a wide range of reconstruction initiatives. Since April 2011, the company has donated to the Project a part of the revenue derived from Alinamin® products, a sum of 800 million yen per year, spanning a period of three years.

Takeda is pleased to announce that Project donation recipients for the second year (FY2012) have been selected and sums allocated respectively. In addition, Takeda will be initiating a new program from FY2014. In partnership with the Central Community Chest of Japan, Takeda will provide support to “nationwide evacuees” who have moved to regions other than the three affected prefectures in the Tohoku region.


[“Support for Japan's Vitality and Recovery” Program] FY 2012 (Year 2) Donations and Recipients
Program Recipient Program Theme Program Term FY 2012 Donation
Takeda Life and Livelihood Reconstruction Program Japan NPO Center Life and Livelihood 5 years 400 million JPY
IPPO IPPO NIPPON Project Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives) Industrial revitalization 5 years 250 million JPY
Rebuild Japan Initiative Rebuild Japan Initiative Foundation Policy Proposals 5 years 100 million JPY
TOMODACHI Initiative US-Japan Council Empowering the Next Generation 3 years 30 million JPY
BEYOND Tomorrow Global Fund for Education Assistance Empowering the Next Generation 3 years 20 million JPY
Takeda-Akaihane Nation-wide Evacuee Support Program Central Community Chest of Japan (CCCJ) Life and Livelihood 3 years 200,087,207 JPY
    Total 1,000,087,207 JPY


As a company that serves human life, we will never forget 3.11. We will continue to give support to the recovery and reconstruction effort and undertake activities accordingly.

• Takeda-Akaihane Nationwide Evacuee Support Program

1. Program Outline:
  1) "Organization Support"
These Organization Grants provide support to all-round support organizations that play a key role in each region. We will provide funding so that the organization can undertake long-term and continuous activities as well as give support to reinforce the organization’s infrastructure and management through individual training, feedback meetings and visits. We will also fund HR costs so that a permanent advisor can be appointed. The recipient will be selected by a project team comprising the Central Community Chest of Japan and partner organizations* *Partner organizations: Japan NPO Center, Japan Civil Network for Disaster Relief in the EAST JAPAN (JCN)

  2) "Activity Support"
Activity-based organizations are trying to resolve everyday issues that disaster victims face. To do this, they are engaged in salon activities to listen to problems, for example, or supply everyday essentials and conduct needs interview through the distribution of rice coupons. The Activity Grants will provide funding for these small-scale activities. The handling of funding applications and selection of recipients will be conducted through the existing Akaihane community chest framework.

2. Total Funding Available: 200,087,207 JPY

3. Funding Period: 3 years (FY 2014 to FY 2016)

4. Background Information:
As time passes, these nationwide evacuees’ predicament is becoming more individualized, serious and long-term in regards to their housing, employment, schooling and other issues. Support activities are ongoing in all parts of Japan by evacuees themselves or support organizations to provide assistance to them with everyday life as well as to create support networks. However, due to various factors such as difficulty in finding funding and differences between support organizations in different parts of the country, support activities are not necessarily going smoothly.
Such being the case, Takeda decided to take the initiative in partnership with the Central Community Chest of Japan, which is a body that is engaged in Akaihane (red feather) community-based support activities throughout Japan, to provide support focused on nationwide evacuees. This new program, the Takeda-Akaihane Nationwide Evacuee Support Program will support organizations throughout Japan that give support to these nationwide evacuees.

*The Central Community Chest of Japan
The Central Community Chest of Japan (Chairman, Juro Saito) is a federation formed of community chests of all 47 prefectures in Japan, organized for the liaison and coordination of projects. The Akaihane (red feather) is a well-recognized symbol in Japan of its community chest campaigns. It conducts special programs, publicity activities and research in all parts of Japan.

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