Collaboration between industry and health care professionals benefits patients. It is a relationship that has delivered numerous innovative medicines and treatments, and changed the way many diseases impact our lives. 

Our industry, health care pro¬≠fessionals and healthcare organizations collaborate in a range of activities in the fields of  clinical research, sharing best clinical practice and exchanging information on how new medicines fit into the patient pathway. Bringing greater transparency to this already well-regulated, vital relationship is about building strengthening the basis for collaboration in the future.

Society has increasingly high expectations for transparency, none more so than in healthcare. At Takeda, we want to ensure we meet those expectations going forward.

Takeda is also participating in this initiative for the following reasons:

  1. Behaving ethically, honestly and transparently constitutes the essence of Takeda-ism, our company philosophy for more than 230 years.
  2. At Takeda, improving patients' quality of life is central to our work. We are committed to being entirely transparent with regards to the relationships we have with healthcare professionals and healthcare establishments, who are helping us to meet this objective.
  3. We are confident that divulging transfers of value will finally lead to clear standards as well as to more transparent commercial practices, which in turn will lead to optimal protection of all parties and to the public's greater trust with regards to our interactions.

Disclosure for healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations and patient organizations in Belgium 

The disclosure of transfers of value to Belgian healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations and patient organizations is regulated by the Belgian Sunshine Act of June 2017. All pharmaceutical companies use as a common platform to disclose their financial remunerations and the contributions to the costs of scientific meetings offered to healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations and patient organizations.

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Methodological note

Disclosure for healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

As for Luxembourg, all companies that are a member of APL (Association Pharmaceutique Luxembourgeoise) disclose their financial remunerations and contributions to the costs of scientific meetings offered to healthcare professionals and institutions. In 2017, Takeda Belgium had no transfers of value to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations having their primary address of practice in Luxembourg.

Patient Organizations in Belgium

Each pharmaceutical company must make available to the public once a year a list of Belgian patient organizations to which it provided support during the past calendar year as referred to under article 46 of the Code of Deontology of (the Belgian Pharmaceutical Industry Association).

This list mentions for each patient organization the nature of the support provided. The description must be sufficiently complete to allow the average user to form a picture of the scope of the support. The description must state the amounts of money involved if the support is financial and the costs invoiced.

List of supported Patient Organizations

Supported in 2014-2015
Supported in 2016
Supported in 2017 (see