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Co-Create Knowledge for Pharma Innovation with Takeda (COCKPI-T®) Funding

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: Due to the web system error, which had happened from June 16th to July 29th, we decide to extend the submission deadline to August 20th. Please refer to the “submission site” below for the details.

Application has been closed


Under our mission "to strive towards Better Health and a Brighter Future for people worldwide through leading innovation in medicine", Takeda engages in various open innovation initiatives. In order to accelerate these activities, we launched an open innovation platform called COCKPI-T® in Japan in 2015, where we invite researchers to submit innovative ideas related to therapeutic targets and technologies for drug discovery to gain funding to support their research financially to confirm their concepts. This year we are pleased to announce the start of COCKPI-T® Funding 2020.


Areas of Interest

Takeda invites new research ideas corresponding to our Areas of Interest (30 items in the five areas shown below).


Research Stage

  • Early research stage which needs a further concept-validation study
  • Existence of a certain level of validation data against the concept is preferable, but it is not mandatory.


Eligible to Apply

  • Researcher whose university, research institute or company is in Australia, EU and United Kingdom
  • You are not granted any other private funding which has conflicts with the terms and conditions of the COCKPI-T® Funding (Please see below to check the basic terms and conditions.)




  • Submission of non-confidential Proposal Sheet: 1 Jun to 17:00 JST on 20 Aug 2020
    Proposal Sheet (max. three pages) is to be filled out by the applicant based on non-confidential information. The applicant may discuss the application with his/her university administrative staff while he/she is preparing the submission.
  • First selection based on Proposal Sheet: to 6 Nov 2020
    Proposal Sheet will be reviewed by Takeda researchers in the relevant research field and will be shortlisted based on strategic fit, innovation and potential contribution to therapeutic research.
  • Interview (video-conference): to Mid Nov 2020
    Following execution of a non-disclosure agreement as needed, an opportunity for scientific discussion between the applicant and Takeda researchers will be set up. The interview will be held either in person in the applicant's home country, or most probably by video-conference. The COCKPI-T® Funding winners will be subsequently selected based on the interview within several weeks.
  • Final selection for COCKPI-T® Funding winners: 11 Dec 2020
    The final winner ("Principal Investigator")'s institution ("Institution") will receive a COCKPI-T® 
    Funding contract template from Takeda. It will take a few months to finalize the contract. The research will be initiated after contract execution.

Research Term

Approximately one year from contract execution (from the date of contract execution to 31 Mar 2022)

Research Fund

Up to AUD 100,000 or EUR 70,000 or GBP 60,000 / case (Takeda decides the amount based on the research plan)

How to Apply

Follow the procedure below to make an application.

  1. Download the Proposal Sheet below, and complete based on non-confidential information.

  2. Send e-mail to COCKPI-T Funding Office (COCKPI-T@takeda.com) with your proposal sheet. You will receive a confirmation mail from COCKPI-T Funding Office.

We are sorry for the web system trouble that had happened from June 16th to July 29th. The web system has now been restored, but your application during the period was NOT received by us unfortunately. We appreciate it if you could resubmit it. Please send your application to the COCKPI-T Funding Office (COCKPI-T@takeda.com).

Basic Terms and Conditions in COCKPI-T® Funding Research

  1. Research Term: approximately one year after contract execution (until 31 Mar 2022)

  2. Funding for the Research Program: Takeda pays Institution a grant of up to AUD 100,000 or EUR 70,000 or GBP 60,000 according to the research plan, to support COCKPI-T® Funding research in whole or in part. Institution shall use, or have Principal Investigator (COCKPI-T® Funding winner) use, the funding solely for the COCKPI-T® Funding research (wages, supplies, operating expenses and other expenses as agreed).

  3. Progress Meeting: Takeda may request progress meetings with the Principal Investigator through a site-visit or teleconference on a quarterly basis. At the end of the funded year of research, the Principal Investigator will submit to Takeda a comprehensive final report within sixty (60) days after termination of the COCKPI-T® Funding research, which includes all COCKPI-T® Funding-funded research results and an expense summary.

  4. Research Results: All research results generated in the course of COCKPI-T® Funding belong to the Institution. Where Takeda makes a substantial contribution to COCKPI-T® Funding research, Takeda may propose other conditions regarding the intellectual property.

  5. First Negotiation Option: Institution grants to Takeda and/or its affiliates an option to first negotiate with Institution on an exclusive basis for an exclusive, worldwide right and license of the research results whether patentable or not and/or further research collaboration relating to research results.

  6. Use of the Research Results: Takeda is free to use all the COCKPI-T® Funding research results for the purpose of Takeda's research and development without a payment of additional compensation while the Institution shall have the right to license, transfer and/ or sell the research results without Takeda's consent. (To avoid confusion, Takeda is not allowed to use any other research results outside of the COCKPI-T® Funding research even if the research results are related to the COCKPI-T® Funding research.) 


Please contact the COCKPI-T® Funding Office for further information.



* Please be aware that we may not be able to respond to every inquiry.