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Contributions to global health

Takeda is working to resolve global healthcare issues with people around the world.

Takeda has been working to enhance its CSR programs aimed at improving access to healthcare. In 2016, we held a vote among all employees to determine global CSR programs in accordance with the theme of "promoting prevention of disease to contribute to health for people in developing and emerging countries". We are promoting long-term sustainable activities along with international NGOs and other partners.

Programs of FY2017

The First 1000 Days" : Health and nutrition program (UNICEF)


Holistic support program for refugees of South Sudan and Syria (Plan International)
Protecting the lives of pregnant women in Africa (JOICFP)

How our global CSR programs are formulated


Select candidate global CSR programs led by a dedicated department

We selected several candidate programs, led by a dedicated department for global health related stakeholder engagement, established within Corporate Communications and Public Affairs (CCPA)


Invite Takeda employees around the world to vote

We posted information about candidate programs on the company intranet and held a vote, inviting all of our employees to participate.