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Talent Management

Delivering our vision with a highly engaged workforce

Our heritage and deeply rooted values are the foundation of our culture, and everyone who joins Takeda learns our history and values during their orientation. In addition, we intentionally weave these elements into every development and learning program we offer

Ensuring each and every employee feels engaged and has an opportunity to contribute across the organization is essential. Effective communication is not just top-down dialogue from senior leaders, but it is two-way dialogue that solicits ongoing feedback from all levels and functions within the organization.

We do this in a number of ways at Takeda – from encouraging all employees to ask questions directly of our executive team in regular town-hall style question-and-answer sessions to engaging our employees in selecting our Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program partners.

Bottom line: We want our employees to feel invested in and passionate about their work and the impact they have on patients’ lives.

We look for exceptional talent and then engage them in open and ongoing discussions to enhance performance and development. We use our “Quality Conversations” framework to empower managers and teams to communicate clearly and frequently to build trust, deliver impact and move our business forward. We also prepare high-potential individuals for new opportunities so that we’re constantly improving our bench strength of leaders and experts.

The Global Risk Management Policy determines in its Principles that managing risk is the responsibility of everyone from the Board of Directors to the employee. It has been published and made available to all business units, business functions and Local Operating Companies (LOCs). In the annual Enterprise Risk Assessment (ERA) process, risks (including human capital risks) are identified, assessed and reported to the relevant local committee by each business unit, business function or LOC. Human capital risks can therefore be raised from anywhere across Takeda, or be raised directly within the HR function’s risk assessment. All individual risk assessments are then aggregated into an enterprise risk heatmap, allowing the Risk, Ethics and Compliance Committee (RECC) and the Board of Directors to obtain an enterprise view. In addition, the effectiveness of mitigating controls & any remaining residual risk can be assessed and prioritized for further actions if required.

TOP EMPLOYER® Certification

Takeda is one of only 16 companies to achieve Global Top Employer certification for 2021, the fourth year in a row. Top Employer Institute assesses 600 “people development” practices of companies across 10 areas, from talent strategy and succession management to learning and development and culture. Takeda excelled globally in the areas of values, ethics and integrity, organizational change, leadership, sustainability, performance management and engagement. Each of the 38 Takeda countries that participated in the Top Employer survey received certification, with eight countries receiving certification for the first time. We believe this underscores our commitment to creating an exceptional people experience for our global workforce.

We believe that stock ownership provides colleagues the opportunity to invest in their own future as well as Takeda’s and align their interests with external stakeholders.

Adapting recruiting for a virtual workplace

To keep our business solid and ensure that we have the right talent, during the constantly changing COVID-19 realities we switched to virtual interviewing and onboarding toward the end of FY2019. We were able to use new technologies to ensure we didn’t comprise on engagement. Conducting video or telephone interviews instead of face-to-face interviews has helped us keep our colleagues and candidates — as well as their families and communities — safe. We’ve heard from colleagues that conducting interviews virtually actually allows for greater flexibility with schedules and locations, with the added benefit of reduced travel expenses.

Takeda Long-Term Incentive Plan

We’re proud to offer a Long-term Incentive Plan that provides stock, in the form of American Depositary Shares, to eligible colleagues outside of Japan. Prior to 2020, Takeda colleagues outside Japan were not eligible for stock as part of their compensation. We believe that stock ownership provides colleagues the opportunity to invest in their own future as well as Takeda’s and align their interests with external stakeholders.

New Takeda Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

Historically, Takeda has offered an employee stock ownership program for participating colleagues in Japan. In 2020, Takeda launched a new ESPP that offers colleagues outside of Japan the opportunity to purchase stock, in the form of American Depositary Shares at a discount and become a Takeda shareholder. Initially, we introduced our ESPP in Singapore, Switzerland and the United States, and we will expand to more countries over time.

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