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Our Commitment to People

Why It Matters

People join Takeda because they share our purpose of bringing Better health for people, brighter future for the world. To continuously bring our purpose to life, we must attract, develop and retain diverse people who are the best at what they do. Our colleagues, in about 80 countries around the world, expect and deserve exceptional experiences and opportunities to pursue their own ambitions. An inclusive, safe and empowering work environment, rooted in our commitment to health and well-being, is critical for our colleagues to thrive, grow and share in realizing Takeda’s vision.

Our colleagues bring a rich mix of experiences, backgrounds and perspectives. This diversity is a core strength of ours. It also presents an opportunity as we aim to balance globally consistent opportunities and programs with flexibility that allows for local context and customization. We strive for people programs that encourage a mindset of lifelong learning, and personal and professional growth. Our current reality and COVID-19 working environments have presented challenges and new paradigms, but we have not wavered in our commitment to developing our people. Through our people programs and development experiences, we continue to build a highly engaged workforce and a strong Takeda culture, firmly rooted in our values of Integrity, Fairness, Honesty and Perseverance, which are deeply ingrained in our culture and ways of working. These values are brought to life through actions based on Patient-Trust-Reputation-Business, always in that order. View further details on how we make ethical decisions.

Our Commitment to People

People join Takeda because they share our purpose. Our employees are the cornerstone of our success, and to make sure we attract and develop top talent, we focus on creating an exceptional employee experience with ample room for career growth.

Everyone who joins Takeda learns our history and values, which are also woven into our development programs and training. Underpinning our culture is our Global Code of Conduct, which guides everyone in achieving the highest standards of ethical behavior.

We believe that a diverse, equitable and inclusive working environment provides the foundation on which our people can innovate and thrive. Our initiatives are tailored to the local markets and countries in which we operate to make a positive difference. This creates a culture that fosters collaboration where all employees feel comfortable contributing.

Our programs and commitment to our people make Takeda a place where everyone can develop a lifelong learning mindset and advance professionally. We also strive to be a place where employees have support for their own health, well-being and resilience.

Our Priorities

Create an exceptional people experience

We aim to create a diverse and inclusive organization where people can thrive, grow and realize their own potential while enabling our purpose.

Develop and attract top talent to deliver our vision with a highly engaged workforce

PRIORITY 2: Focus on improving employee health, well-being and resilience.

PRIORITY 3: Drive positive change by promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

PRIORITY 4: Create an environment that fosters lifelong learning and a growth mindset, enabling employees to thrive inside and outside of Takeda.


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