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Introduction to Purpose led-Sustainability at Takeda

Our Purpose-led Sustainability Strategy

Building from Takeda’s strong heritage, our corporate philosophy brings greater focus to our purpose, vision, values and imperatives.

We create long-term value for all our stakeholders – we consider how our actions will impact the next decade, not just the next quarter. We strive to address unmet medical needs by delivering life-transforming or life-saving medicines and vaccines, and we believe this will translate into sustainable growth for the business. Our purpose is deliberately even broader than this, however. It encompasses the wider world, as well as a commitment to be environmentally responsible. Through our purpose-led sustainability approach, we create value for society by putting our core strengths and capabilities as a biopharmaceutical company to work to help solve key societal challenges.

This purpose-led and values-based approach drives all of our actions and decisions, and our commitments across our Patient, People and Planet imperatives underpinned by Data and Digital. Our approach is integrated into how we do business – throughout our entire value chain from research and development (R&D) to product distribution – taking into consideration how our work affects patients and people in the communities we serve, as well as the planet.





Responsibly translate science into highly innovative, life-changing medicines and vaccines

We focus on diseases with the highest unmet need to bring medicines and vaccines of the highest quality to patients as quickly as possible.

Accelerate access to improve lives worldwide

We partner with diverse stakeholders to support the sustainability of health care systems.

Create an exceptional people experience

We aim to create a diverse and inclusive organization where people can thrive, grow and realize their own potential while enabling our purpose.

Protect our planet

We will harness our unique capabilities to deliver a high standard of environmental leadership that protects our planet’s natural systems and human health.

PRIORITY 1: Deliver life-changing medicines and vaccines to people by cultivating the best science generated through our strong internal research and development capabilities complemented by our extensive partnership network.

PRIORITY 2: Embed a patient-centric and science-driven approach from discovery through commercialization to ensure rapid, global access to all transformative medicines and vaccines.

PRIORITY 3: Ensure the high-quality, uninterrupted supply and delivery of our medicines and vaccines to people by harnessing innovation.

PRIORITY 1: Provide timely, broad and sustainable access to our innovative medicines worldwide.

PRIORITY 2: Ensure sustainable access to our innovative medicines for patients diagnosed with a serious condition in underserved communities, in particular where there are no medical alternatives.

PRIORITY 3: Improve patient outcomes and create societal value through partnerships.

PRIORITY 1: Develop and attract top talent to deliver our vision with a highly engaged workforce.

PRIORITY 2: Focus on improving employee health, well-being and resilience.

PRIORITY 3: Drive positive change by promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

PRIORITY 4: Create an environment that fosters lifelong learning and a growth mindset, enabling employees to thrive inside and outside of Takeda.

PRIORITY 1: Minimize the environmental impact of products and services based on the principles of a circular economy.

PRIORITY 2: Decarbonize our operations and value chain.

PRIORITY 3: Empower our employees to go above and beyond to conserve the world's natural resources.



Unleash the power of data and digital

We strive to transform Takeda into the most trusted, data-driven, outcomes-based biopharmaceutical company.

PRIORITY 1: Provide personalized digital experiences to patients across the care pathway. PRIORITY 2: Harness data as a digital enabler to generate sustainable value by acting on insights derived from analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) PRIORITY 3: Democratize technology and develop digital talent to speed innovation, improve outcomes and deliver on our commitments to patients.


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