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Takeda’s operations incur a significant amount of business tax in a number of forms, including corporate income taxes, customer duties, excise taxes, property taxes, stamp duties and employment taxes, such as those for public benefit and retirement plans. We also collect and pay employee taxes and indirect taxes such value-added tax. The taxes we collect and pay are part of our contribution to local economies and their well-being.

We’re committed to compliance with prevailing tax laws where we do business and building transparent, professional and constructive relationships with tax authorities. We support increasing public trust and transparency in national and international tax regimes.

To comply with applicable disclosure regulations and to support our transparent approach to taxation, we’ve published “Takeda’s Position on Taxation” on our corporate website. This document explains our approach to the following:

  • Governance, risk management and compliance
  • Transfer pricing policies
  • Tax strategy
  • Interactions with tax authorities
  • Current framework of international taxation
  • Level of tax risk we are prepared to accept