Supporting Emotional Recovery in Tohoku

While much progress has been made on the road to recovery following the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, there remains some way  to go. Although towns have now been relocated to higher ground, as of 2019, the building of seawalls and breakwaters is still ongoing. Heavy machinery and large trucks continue to dominate the roads, which themselves remain under construction, alongside the development of vast swathes of land.

While the focus is usually on the rebuilding of physical infrastructure, the emotional recovery of those whose lives were impacted by the disaster is another key aspect in the rehabilitation of communities.

Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) engaged in regional relief activities are continuing to work hard at collaborating with multiple public and private organizations, and building trust with local communities so as to effectively support residents in the healing process.

Despite the challenges resulting from limited funding and expertise in operating an NPO, they are committed to the emotional recovery of residents, knowing that with this foundation in place, communities can be rebuilt through the creation of jobs, training programs and community events.

It is in this area that we are playing a role, providing ongoing support that enables local NPOs to operate sustainable recovery programs with the aim of rebuilding the social fabric of communities across Tohoku.

Initiatives to support emotional recovery

Takeda Life and Livelihood Reconstruction Program


  • We are collaborating with the Japan NPO Center, a national infrastructure organization for Japan’s NPO sector.

  • We understand that the process of recovery will take at least ten years, and we have committed to provide support until 2021 for this first phase of recovery.

  • We are contributing to the recovery of disaster victims by providing financial support to local NPOs to help them strengthen their foundations through collaborations, leadership training and capacity building, which in turn enables them to tackle the difficult social issues associated with the reestablishment of communities.

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