Informacije o kompaniji

Takeda je globalna farmaceutska kompanija koja se zasniva na istaknutoj 235-godišnjoj istoriji, koju pokreću inovacije i fokus na pacijente i čiji je cilj bolje zdravlje i svjetlija budućnost za ljude širom svijeta.

Prisustvo na tržištima preko 70 zemalja i regiona

Mreža kompanije Takeda obuhvata preko 70 zemalja i regiona širom svijeta, u Japanu, Sjedinjenim Državama, Evropi, Latinskoj Americi, Africi, Bliskom Istoku i Azijsko-pacifičkom regionu. Farmaceutski proizvodi kompanije Takeda se plasiraju na tržišta oko 100 zemalja širom svijeta, uključujući i partnerstva (mreže marketinških partnera).

Konsolidovani prihod kompanije Takeda po regionima (FG 2016.)

Japan: 655,3 milijarde jena
Sjedinjene Države: 520,2 milijarde jena
Evropa i Kanada: 279,7 milijardi jena
Rusija/SND: 57,5 milijardi jena
Latinska Amerika: 72,5 milijardi jena
Azija: 112,8 milijardi jena
Ostali: 34,0 milijarde jena
(Zaključno s 31. martom 2017.)

Over 30,000 Employees Worldwide

Takeda is accelerating development of talent with a global perspective and promotion of diversity; at the same time, building a sustainable organization by creating a work environment that allows employees to thrive and grow, as well as cultivating a corporate culture in which employees can resolutely tackle the challenge of drug discovery.

 We will fulfill our responsibility as a company committed to improving people's lives by continuing to globalize our organization and promote diversity.

Each Takeda company around the world conducts corporate citizenship activities in tandem with its business activities, working to tackle the issues faced by local communities and building partnerships with NGOs and NPOs.
(As of March 31, 2016)

Since 1781

For more than 230 years, Takeda has developed its business with integrity while undergoing a process of continuous transformation.

Takeda began operations in 1781 when Chobei Takeda I started a business selling traditional Japanese and Chinese medicines in Doshomachi, Osaka. Takeda has been supplying pharmaceuticals for over 230 years, during which time we have developed a strong commitment to the highest ethical standards and a strong sense of mission. We have made constant efforts to improve our relationship with society over this time. As we move forward, we will continue to fulfill our responsibilities as a global pharmaceutical company.

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