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Immunizing 5.4 Million Children in 40 Countries Against Measles

Immunizing 5.4 million children with measles vaccine over 10 years.

The Program


Partner: United Nations Foundation
Budget: 1 billion yen
Term: 10 years
Launch: 2016
Area: Approximately 40 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America

[email protected] Website

Measles is a highly contagious disease that killed nearly 115,000 children worldwide in 2014, which could have been prevented with measles immunization.

Stories of Impact


Our Stories: Healthcare for All

Takeda’s partnership with the UN Foundation’s [email protected] measles campaign guarantees a steady vaccine supply and supports local health outreach activities in historically underserved rural areas in 40 countries. Learn about the program’s efforts to deliver essential services to local communities.



Takeda’s CSR in Action: Helping Save Children‘s Lives through Immunization

Explore what impact means for Takeda’s Global CSR Program in Laos. Learn about the importance of CSR partnerships to Takeda’s employees, who visited Laos to connect with local leaders and implementers.



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