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Science Philanthropy

Our work in R&D is guided by our values of Takeda-ism, which are brought to life through our actions. Through our science philanthropy programs, we support our commitment to patients, our people and the planet.

Supporting future scientists and the scientific ecosystem through philanthropic giving

As our R&D teams progress innovative discoveries through our pipeline, our Science Philanthropy program partners with organizations that are enabling scientific advancements of the future. Takeda seeks to cultivate an environment where science thrives while ensuring that current and aspiring scientists from around the world have access to and support for developing promising careers.

Featured Innovations


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Innovators in Science Award

Since 2016, the Innovators in Science Award recognizes outstanding early-career and senior scientists around the world. Every year, a new class of award recipients are selected, and each winner receives $200,000 USD to support innovative research in biomedical sciences. We invite research universities, academic institutions, government or non-profit institutions, or equivalent from around the globe with a well-established record of scientific excellence to nominate their scientists working in one of four selected therapeutic fields: neuroscience, gastroenterology, oncology and regenerative medicine.

This award is administered by the New York Academy of Sciences and sponsored by Takeda. Prize winners are determined by a panel of judges, independently selected by the New York Academy of Sciences, with expertise in the relevant disciplines.

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Biomedical Science Careers Program

Takeda is a proud supporter of Biomedical Science Careers Program (BSCP), an organization providing students of every race, ethnicity, gender and financial status with the encouragement, support and guidance needed for the successful pursuit of biomedical science careers. At scientific and career-focused events throughout the year, Takeda scientists offer their experience and their expertise as mentors and advisors to BSCP participants, ranging from high school to postdoctoral students. Our support and partnership help connect outstanding, diverse students with opportunities to advance their scientific careers.