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We seek innovation and partner to nurture it, wherever it resides.

Partnership is a central element of our R&D strategy. We work with partners to create complementary collaborations where our global reach, scientific expertise and clinical excellence can help them bring their scientific innovation and vision to patients.

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Active collaborations Takeda has in place globally

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Public-Private partnerships engaged in through R&D across 76 countries
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Of our pipeline is partnered allowing us to tap cutting-edge science and innovation at the source
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Center for External Innovation

Our R&D Center for External Innovation (CEI) drives external engagement for opportunities ranging from early academic research to late-stage clinical collaborations with the aim to form innovative partnerships, which elevate our internal research capabilities and strengthen our pipeline.

Our unique model supports diverse and flexible partnerships around the world to harness innovation across the discovery and development lifecycle.

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Public-Private Partnerships

We recognize that many scientific challenges are too large and complex for any one organization to tackle by itself. We are stronger when we work precompetitively and collaboratively to advance R&D efforts more efficiently and effectively to deliver transformative medicines to patients.
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Advancing Promising Innovations

Our commitment to patients drives us to think beyond our own R&D and manufacturing capabilities. We believe in empowering other innovators in the industry and providing better opportunities to bring their ideas to life by investing in innovations that complement our pipeline and products.

Takeda Ventures, Inc.

A part of CEI, Takeda Ventures is our corporate venture capital group that aims to create strategic growth opportunities by investing in and nurturing innovative life science companies in areas aligned with our R&D focus areas.

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Takeda Digital Ventures

As our digital healthcare investment arm, Takeda Digital Ventures invests in companies that utilize digital capabilities to help improve patient outcomes and the delivery of care.

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Other Partnerships

We leverage our strengths and those of our partners in creative and customized collaborations, nurturing innovation wherever it resides.

Investigator Initiated Research

Our Investigator Initiated Research (IIR) program supports independent innovative science studies that address unsolicited medical and scientific questions related to our compounds and therapeutic areas of interest.

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Our 10-year joint program with Kyoto University’s Center for iPS Cell Research (CiRA) is changing the future of healthcare through regenerative medicine and drug discovery.

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