Grants, Donations and Sponsorships

Takeda Canada is dedicated to helping Canadians achieve better health and brighter futures and believes in its responsibility to our partners, communities, environment and employees. Takeda is dedicated to enhancing the lives of patients, not only with our medicines, but also by empowering our communities.


Online application process

Only applications submitted through our online process will be reviewed.

Before starting your application, please review the requirements for submission and the list that outlines initiatives the program does not support. 

The program does not fund the following:

  • Businesses or other for-profit organizationsPrivate foundations
  • Capital (buildings or equipment) or debt reduction campaigns
  • Religious or faith-based organizations
  • Travel for individuals or groups

I am applying for an educational grant

  • Patient education materials such as brochures, online seminars, videos/animations
  • Patient education events managed by patient organizations or hospitals
  • Journal clubs or hospital rounds for medical professionals managed by hospitals

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I am applying for a conference and congress sponsorship application

  • Education or awareness program or event
  • Patient or medical education conferences   

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I am applying for a donation for a charitable or not-for-profit organization.

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  • Only applications submitted through the online process will be reviewed
  • Do not submit any additional information by any means to support your application; only the information submitted via the online application will be used to consider your request
  • Takeda Canada cannot act as a single sponsor for any request