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Strengthening Inclusive Mobile Health Services Addressing Complications From Female Genital Mutilation

Strengthening health systems and provision of essential inclusive and age-gender-responsive health services for marginalized populations

The Program



PartnerPlan International
Budget497 million yen
Term5 years

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Somalia has one of the world’s highest rates of under-five mortality and lifetime risk of maternal death, and over 90% of women and girls have been subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM). FGM can result in serious health consequences, including significant morbidity and health burden. Many health workers lack training on the prevention and management of FGM complications. This program aims to strengthen health systems by operating mobile, essential inclusive age-gender-responsive health care services, as well as developing mobile/outreach clinic standards and clinical guidelines for FGM management. This ensures even the most marginalized have access to affordable quality care.


Credit: Plan International


Credit: Plan International


Credit: Plan International


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