CSR Program: World Vision | Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Physician listening to child's heartbeat with a stethoscope.

Strengthening training for 1,400 community health workers for maternal and child health

Reducing preventable deaths among mothers and children by providing local communities with knowledge and services related to healthcare

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The Program

Partner: World Vision

Budget: 500 million yen

Term: 5 years

Launch: 2016

Area: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan

Stories of Impact

Experience Takeda’s partnership with World Vision, strengthening community health institutions and training community health volunteers in 167 of India’s poorest villages. Hear directly from families and health workers about the healthy behaviors the program has inspired throughout their vibrant communities.

Learn about the tangible impact of Takeda’s partnership with World Vision in one of Nepal’s poorest areas, training community groups and key family decision makers on the basic tenets of safe pregnancy and delivery, and the importance of regular check-ups. See how the program has improved health and well-being in their community.