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Improving support for survivors of gender-based violence through quality case management

Strengthening systems and increasing case management capacity to ensure sustainable accessibility and availability of quality services including for the most marginalized

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The Program

Partner: United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

Budget: 998 million yen

Term: 4 years

Launch: 2022

Area: Azerbaijan, El Salvador, Indonesia, Madagascar, Zimbabwe

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Investments in social services, including comprehensive case management, is often overlooked despite its centrality to the immediate and holistic needs of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) survivors. This program aims to scale up and enhance the level and quality of case management, strengthening social service systems through intensive training, mentoring and monitoring in partnership with learning and educational institutions, governments and civil society. This will ensure front line GBV workers are equipped to provide immediate skilled support for all women and girls including those most marginalized, such as those with disabilities, LGBTQI and adolescents.

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Photo Credit: UNFPA Indonesia

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