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CSR Program: Protecting Children from Lead Poisoning | Takeda Pharmaceuticals

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Strengthening national health systems to protect children from lead poisoning

Improving countries’ health systems to better identify, monitor, treat and reduce childhood lead exposure to help children realize their full potential

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The Program

Partner: Pure Earth

Budget: 1 billion yen

Term: 5 years

Launch: 2022

Area: Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Peru

Visit the Pure Earth websiteGo to https://www.pureearth.org/

Today, one in three of the world’s children have enough lead in their blood to cause permanent brain damage, yet many countries lack systems and technical capacity to effectively identify, monitor, treat or reduce childhood lead exposure. By partnering with country-level stakeholders to strengthen national health care systems, train health professionals, and educate parents, teachers and schoolchildren, this comprehensive program will enable children to have better opportunity to reach their full potential.

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