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Enhancing national laboratories’ diagnostic capabilities

Testing can be available when and where people need it

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The Program

Partner: International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Budget: 500 million yen

Term: COVID-19 Emergency Response

Launch: 2020

Area: Worldwide

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Over 280 national-designated laboratories for COVID-19 in 127 countries and territories around the world have requested and are receiving the Agency’s assistance and demand is still increasing. The IAEA - Takeda partnership helps the IAEA to continue providing emergency assistance in the form of diagnostic kits, equipment and technical advice and guidance to help rapidly and accurately detect and identify the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

IAEA’s emergency assistance package includes a real-time RT-PCR diagnostic machine, biosafety cabinets and equipment for sampling, testing, quality control as well as personal protection to run 2,000 tests. Additional support refers to the guidance and provision of standard operating procedures to identify the virus, following the World Health Organization recommendations.

woman with mask and in a lab overall

Photo Credit: Central Laboratories, Ministry of Health, Jordan

three physicians checking results in a lab

Photo Credit: C. Orellana Vaquero / Chile

Stories of Impact

a physician in a lab showing some results

Enhancing national laboratories’ diagnostic capabilities for COVID-19

A total of 98,000 people were reached through our partnership with IAEA to build diagnostic capabilities through equipment and technical guidance and training to help national-designated laboratories and institutions detect and identify the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The partnership came to a close in 2021.


Photo Credit: C. Madara / Kenya

See how Takeda's partnership with IAEA is helping 49 laboratories in 37 countries reach 98,000 people with safe, reliable, and rapid COVID-19 diagnosis and critical safety, testing, and quality control equipment in this video.

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