Global CSR Program 2023: Relief International | Takeda Pharmaceuticals

A person in a white coat holding a blue box and speaking to another person holding a child

Providing medical supplies in conflict-affected countries

Training and building capacity of local pharmaceutical and medical device suppliers to support health and humanitarian responses with increasing availability of quality essential medicines and medical supplies

Relief International

The Program

Partner: Relief International-UK

Budget: 1,146 million yen

Term: 4 years

Launch: 2023

Area: Myanmar, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen

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In low- and middle-income countries, 1 in 10 medicines are substandard or falsified which can harm patients and erode faith in the health care system. This is especially true in fragile and conflict-affected settings, making the restoration and stabilization of access to health and nutrition services a priority. This program will build local supply chain capacity of 20 local pharmaceutical and medical device suppliers, enabling suppliers to meet internationally recognized quality standards and provide uninterrupted service delivery and increased quality of medicines and supplies in fragile and conflict-affected settings.

Nurse with various medicines on the table

Photo Credit: Relief International

Child receiving vaccine

Photo Credit: Relief International

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