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Corporate Governance

Basic Policy for Corporate Governance

The Company’s purpose is to provide “Better Health for People, Brighter Future for the World.” In line with this purpose, the Company is pursuing a management framework appropriate for a values-based R&D-driven biopharmaceutical company that operates on a global scale. We are strengthening internal controls, thorough compliance and risk management, and establishing a structure that will allow agile decision-making that is also sound and transparent. Through these efforts, we will further improve our corporate governance, thereby maximizing corporate value.

Strength of Takeda’s Corporate Governance

  1. Takeda is a ‘Company with Audit and Supervisory Committee’ as stipulated in the Japanese Company Act. The Company aims for increased transparency and independency of the Board, and further enhancement of corporate governance, through establishing the systems of audit and supervision conducted by the Audit and Supervisory Committee and increasing the proportion of the number of Independent Directors and the diversity of the Board. The governance structure also enables the Company to enhance the separation of business execution and supervision by delegating certain decision-making authorities to executive directors, which realizes further agility in business operations and helps the Board focus more on discussions of business strategies and particularly important business matters.
  2. Takeda voluntarily establishes Nomination and Compensation Committees as advisory committees of the Board. Each committees consist entirely of external directors.
  3. Takeda has internal committees comprised of Executive Directors delegated by the Board and the Takeda Executive Team (TET), consisting of representatives of Takeda group functions, which enables efficient and agile execution. Takeda establishes the systematic structure by which executed matters are reported to the Board and the Board supervised them appropriately.

Corporate Governance Structure